Design your own carport, garage or barn with our design tools. Choose any size, window, door or roof you want!

Have you always wanted a custom carport, RV cover, garage, shop, or other metal building? With our 3D design configurator, you can build one to fit your exact needs. You can choose the building type, the size, the siding and roofing options, and more. Our designer is so easy to use. You can zoom in, zoom out, easily move windows and doors around or add a vent or two. Use your computer, tablet, or even your phone to create your dream garage. Follow the instructions below to begin to build your new carport, garage, or metal building.

Design your own carport or garage with our 3D online designer.
Go To 3D Shedview Designer
Go To 3D Carportview Designer

How are you better than other established institutes?

We provide the following added advantages over the established institutes:
• One on One Mentoring.
• More practical insights.
• Weekly feedback call from mentor and the students.
• Constant support and guidance for career prospects.
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Our testimonials, our teachers, our remarkable methods all speak for themselves! We care for you, wish to explore into the depths of our teaching methods without committing to anything? Go ahead book a demo session! Get all your doubts cleared absolutely free! We’d then tailor a course according to your needs! Need more reasons? Book a session now!

What do you mean by more practical insights?

We know exactly what is required in the industry and hence we give tasks to our students, to give them a hands-on experience in our technical courses.

How to book a demo session?

You can explore our courses here. You can book a demo session for FREE of your selected course.

How to cancel a booked demo session?

You could cancel the demo session if the slot allotted to you or the slot you chose is not convenient for you. You can cancel a demo session anytime by clicking here.

What if the student does not like the demo session?

We at Integreat, always believe in understanding the problem and improving on it. If a student does not like a demo session with the assigned mentor, we understand the reason and schedule another demo session another mentor (if required).

What if the Teacher is not available in the particular slot selected by the student?

It can be possible that, the Teacher may not be available for the particular slot, selected by the student. In such case, by co-ordinating with the Teacher we ask student via Email, to change the slot. We give two buffer days to the student with the time slots and ask the student to select one as per their convinience.

What do you mean by customised courses?

Don’t like a specific package? Wish that you could combine a few from here and a few from there? We at Integreat believe in versatility. Combine the subjects you wish to excel in, choose those which you like! Also, we believe in the policy of learning at your own pace, we offer better opportunity to make you understand the contents of the course that you’ve selected. Pay for that specific subject itself!

What is the Fees for our courses?

The fees is different for different courses, to know more you can get in touch with us

Would we get a refund if we decide to discontinue midway through the course?

Absolutely, you'll get a refund based on the number of lectures you decide to discontinue with.

Start your project today! Call our office at  (478) 746-0001 and talk to our professional design team. We can help you create a custom portable building design. You can also CLICK HERE to fill out our interest form and we will contact you!